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5 Secrets to Kindy Kids SUCCESS - #1 Open Door Policy

We are proud to welcome families and friends into all of our Kindy Kids classes and here are just a few reasons why....

Avoiding Separation anxiety & allowing inclusion

No teacher enjoys pealing a child away from their parents and spending the first 10 minutes of their class having to calm a child simply because they want their parent/ caregiver. We strongly believe allowing the special adult in a child's life sit back and watch their class allows for so much more progression within the child. Simply allowing the child to 'check in' with their adult in-between dances is the small difference in that child's dance journey.

Progress is witnessed and bonds are formed.

Allowing a parent to physically see their child's progress week in and week out is something you can't take away from a child and their adult. The amount of thumbs up we see and 'mum I did it' we hear gives us so much pleasure and joy. Now imagine how much joy that gives the child and their parent. This also allows for a bonding opportunity and a self confidence boost as they continue to talk about their success and practice at home together.

Parents can make friends.

As a business ran by working mums we understand the importance of having a support/social network. Now we all know kids make friends easier than any human being which leads to mums and families forming bonds which we witness all of the time during our classes.

"To the world you are on person, but to your child you are the world".

Are you ready for the other 4 secrets to Kindy Kids SUCCESS? Download the Ebook by Sunshine Coast's best dance studio #encorefamily below!

Kindy Kids 5 secrets book
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