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Miss Lily

You might know Miss Lily for her love of hip hop classes, but she is so much more than that!!!

What do you love most about teaching dancing?

Teaching to me is the most rewarding profession. I love it because I get to make an impact on the kids I teach. I get to see them grow, learn and master everything dance. Whether that be building their confidence, I teach them something they never knew they could do, reminding them of their power and how amazing they are or just being that role model / someone they can look up to.

Your most memorable moment as a student?

I've had so many amazing teachers and memorable moments in my dance journey as a student, which I’m so grateful for. The ones that stick out for me are the teachers who believed in me, pushed me to always be and do better but most of all the teachers who supported me no matter what/

Who inspires you?

\I follow so many inspiring dancers and artists as there’s nothing better than staying inspired by like minded individuals. 3 of my biggest ones would be Parris Goebel, as she is one of the most hard working women and someone I’ve looked up to since I competed in HHI in 2016. I watched her YouTube videos religiously leading up to the comp and then I got to watch her mesmerising routines and choreography on stage where I competed against her hip hop crews. What she has achieved since then is out of this world. BIG FAN! Another, would be Yanis Marshall. I admire him for his uniqueness and his ‘I don’t care what anybody thinks personality’. It was ever since I first took his class in Brisbane in 2017 during his Australian workshop tour, where I was in awe of his teaching ethic and his unique and technical choreography in heels. Grateful I got to learn from him a handful of times and I still hold onto everything he passed on during those classes. Last but not least it would have to be Julianne Hough. She is just the most stunning woman and has a performance quality that is unmatched in my opinion. When I saw her in the movie Burlesque and how amazing she was, I had to see what else she had achieved. She has now become one of my bi

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