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Story #3 Maddison Virgulti

It was early 2018 and my then four-year-old daughter told me she wanted to dance. Having no idea on where to look we walked into our local dance studio. It was in the first 5 minutes I wanted to run away. It was the vibe. Girls were left in the corner, no one even smiled at us, and the little 'cliche' group were giggling in a little circle ignoring everyone around them. I grabbed my daughter's girl and walked out. She was crying because she didn't understand but I couldn't get out fast enough .... it was exactly the opposite of what we were looking for.

On the way home I saw another dance studio literally around the corner from home. We walked in and straight away we were greeted with a smile and a lovely welcome. We were advised on what classes were available and I felt comfortable straight away ... welcome to the Encore Family.

Fast forward to now, 2021 and my daughter has never been happier. She never misses a class and refers to the girls in her class as 'my girls' (she's a whole 6 months older hahaha). Dancing is her passion, and she has been able to be herself and dance her little heart out in all genres as well as being part of an Elite team who gets to do competitions and express themselves as a group and individuals on stage. The confidence she has received from being chosen for Elite astounds me and I'm so excited about what the future holds.

I'm so glad we walked in that day. The friendships that we have both found will be lifetime. Thank you Encore for making every dancer part of your family. Each dancer is important and is a tiny puzzle piece, to make up your wonderful complete jigsaw .... every single dancer inclusive.

Just keep doing what you are doing and know that we hope to be part of the Encore family for the next 10 years.

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