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Welcome Back! 2020 Take Two!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to 2020 take two!  We hope you all have been keeping well. We have missed our encore family so very much and cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. We would also like to welcome our new families who are joining us this Term. 


Before classes commence you will receive your Term 3 invoice.  As per usual it is due by the end of the third week of Term (21-day account).  There are payment plan options.  And if you have been effected by Covid-19 financially, please get in contact with Miss Zoe via email so we can help keep your child dancing. 


There has been a slight change to the timetable for Tiny Tots (more times and locations available), Warana Elite Team members and Warana Senior Students.  Please jump over to the timetable section and check it out!

END OF YEAR CONCERT - December 5th 

With the restrictions easing and changing all the time we will keep you up to date with our plans for the year and what we have in store for end of year concert.  All students are invited to participate in the show however it has always been optional. If you are not doing the concert you will need to let us know asap. 

Although things might have to run a little differently this year, we are not going to let it hold us back! Actually, we are very excited about it! 

This year our concert will be a NO COSTUME CONCERT!

Before you feel disappointed, there is a method to the madness. And we will make it feel so much more intimate with that special community-based spirit more than ever! 

These are the reasons for this decision...

  • normally at the start of Term 2 we would have collected costume deposits ($40 per costume). And purchased all the material / samples / ordered entire costumes. Then at the start of term 3 we would have invoiced everyone for the remaining balance (which could be another $10 to $50 per costume). 

  • Considering the financial hardship that so many have faced over these last couple of months, we did not feel it was right to hit you with Term 3 fees and FULL costume payments within the first week back. To be able to receive the product in time for the concert we would have required full payment with absolutely no exceptions within the first week. No payment plans, no 30-day accounts, and those that could not pay would simply miss out. 

  • So instead we are all going to embrace our beautiful community spirit and do something different, just for this year! 

  • In saying that we will make do in some ways, we haven’t crinkled out the details yet but we might for example ask one group to find all the red clothing in your cupboard at home, or for another dance everyone wears white.  We might incorporate props like fairy wings or wands for the little ones. Majority will wear encore uniform which we already have lots of stock in but please come and order something if you need it in the first few weeks of term. 

  • The other reason is as it stands there is still 100 persons rule in place per area. We are quite sure this will be lifted soon, maybe to 500 persons, or 1000 who knows. Either way we will figure out the structure of the concert to make sure we are implementing these rules in one way or another. Keep in mind we have 240 students so we will be working our hardest with the venue to figure this out at a later time. 

  • And lastly, if for some horrible reason we had to cancel the concert due to a second outbreak. We did not want everyone to be stuck with costumes that are of no use and would most likely not fit the following year. There would be no possible way to refund everyone for costumes of this magnitude. It just simply seemed too risky! 

We will promise you; it will be fun; it will be different, and it will be one to remember! 

We actually feel really good about it and excited! The teachers have already been brainstorming and creating ideas and concepts with “no costumes” in mind. The concert might not be as sparkly but we feel the community spirit will shine through so much brighter knowing we are INCLUDING every single child who has missed out on dancing due to the financial hardship Covid has inflicted on so many. Ultimately, we just want everyone to be a part of it; Showcasing to friend and family their talent and love of dance. Cause in the end, that is all it’s about. 


We decided to start back in Term 3 so we could run all our classes at the same time without breaking the 100 persons restriction rules. So please all be mindful of waiting room gatherings. It is best to pick up and drop off. There is always a receptionist for the littles ones between classes, watching the door. If you walk up to the front door, they are ok to leave. If every parent comes inside at the end of class, we will not be able to operate our classes. Thank you for your understanding. 


Like all businesses the studio have ramped up the cleaning. Please help us by washing hands regularly, sneezing and coughing into your elbow and staying home if you are sick. 

Keep your distance from each other as much as possible. 


Before we were shut down, all the uniforms arrived and have not been handed out. If you have ordered something, please see the receptionist to make payment via eftpos before collection. If you have not ordered anything, we have plenty of items in stock. 

Once we know more about the concert, we can make extra orders to suit. 


Please come and talk to us if you have any questions whatsoever about classes, concert, fees, uniforms anything. We are here for you and realise everyone’s circumstances are different, and we want to help in any way we can. 

Our best form of contact is via email. Send us a quick email and we will get back to you!

Kind Regards

Zoe & Kate

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