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Staying Motivated in Lockdown

Yep it’s that time again, we can’t go to our beloved studios, we can’t see our #encorefamily in person and we are limited to where we can do and what we can do. BUT we can choose to either get upset about this or we can do what humans do best, adapt.

Now I won’t pretend that lock down is this huge blessing to learn a new skill, stay positive and relax. I get it. I need a reason to get up in the morning, I need routine, I need my job and I need to see my people but if this is what we have to do to stay safe then this is what we need to do.

I thought I would share some tips that I have done during this lockdown to try and help some motivation and routine stay in my life.

  • The night before I have written down a list of things to do for the following days. Now we have been working all hours behind the scenes to bring content and a plan to the studio and our students so this has been pretty easy to find tasks to do. However as my week goes on this will look like deep cleaning parts of the house, organizing my wardrobe, stretching, exercising, prepping meals etc.

  • Exercise, I know everyone says it but this is super important for both physical and mental health even if it a quick 20 minute YouTube video or think of the exercises I have given you in class to build your strength and flexibility.

  • Work on a skill from your class that you have been working on, kicks, jumps, splits etc. Remember this is a great time to work on exercises if you are aiming to get onto pointe.

  • Nail your splits you've been working towards!

  • Practice your concert dance routines. Now is a perfect time to really test your memory.

  • Sit down and watch a movie or reading a book.

  • Go outside for fresh air. If you can’t get outside for a walk or a bike ride take some time out in the garden. Stretch in the garden or read a book or practice a skill outside.

  • My biggest tip- don’t do your homework from your bed. Your room should be a relaxing, peaceful place. If you tend to get a little bit flustered from your school work you don’t want to bring that into your space.

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Keep Smiling

Miss Emily. X

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