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Miss Emily

We all know Miss Emily for her unmatched ability to command an entire class of toddlers without m missing a beat! Shes our very own Emma Wiggle but heres some things you didn't know.

Are you the only dancer in your family?

I am from a huge musical background, both my sister and I are both trained in Dance and ice skating. When we reached teens we went on seperate paths. I pursued dancing and my sister pursued ice skating. My sister still teaches ballet as part of her off ice training for her students.

What was your favourite style of dance growing up?

Growing up I was part of the comp team where we had to train in every single style. I never fully gravitated to one style as I loved being ‘versatile’. I have always loved the technique of Jazz and Ballet but dancing lyrical and being able to mix technique with a bit more freedom is something I’ve always loved. However, put me in front of a tap dance and I can’t sit still.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I’m so excited for 2022. Anyone that knows me knows I always have to be striving for something. I like goals and I love being versatile. For the past 2 years I have been known as the Ballet teacher at encore (which I have absolutely loved) and when students have seen me cover another class or walk out of the studio in my tap shoes I get ‘I thought you could only do ballet’. So for 2022 I’m so excited to show my students what more I can bring to them, the dance world and inspire them. I’m excited to spark my inner creativity that I know I still have and show the importance of mixing technique with creativity to reach our goals together.

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