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Encore, where do I even begin? I first joined Encore halfway through 2019 and everyone, both students and teachers were so welcoming, I knew that Encore was the right place to be.

Last year was my first dance comp in a very long time, I was so nervous I barely wanted to go onstage! But of course, Miss Kate came over and helped me feel way better about my performance. I love Encore because everyone works as a team.

Everyone at Encore is an outstanding dancer in their very own way, which makes it so amazing to watch each other when we do improvisation. Encore is a supportive environment and embraces anyone who wants to learn to dance. They also encourage healthy competition and teach us to always cheer for all teams, not just our own.

When I dance in the room, I feel that I can be myself and dance in my own way. I feel happy and safe, and I could never imagine myself dancing anywhere else.

Each and every teacher has their own special spark and unique way of choreographing. I love performing at the end of year concert, as it is a way to show off all the hard work both teachers and dancers have put in.

In the last month, I have been lucky enough to have private lessons with Miss Kate, which I love as I feel she has made an impact on my confidence, both in dancing and in general. She is teaching me a new routine that is unique and suits my strengths as a dancer.

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