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Copy of Copy of Copy of 5 Secrets to Kindy Kids SUCCESS - #5 Optional Concerts

Our home studio Encore offers a yearly concert to all of our students. We leave this optional to our Kindy Kids for the following reasons;

Less Commitment

Parents most of the time are looking for a fun activity they can do with their child during the week. Offering a mandatory concert is not what most of parents look for when looking for an activity.

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

Some children, mainly our older groups do like to get up on stage with their teacher to perform. We offer this opportunity for our Kindy Kids . They can wear what they like, no stage makeup. It's like having a kindy Kids class but on stage and we like to be able to offer this to those that DO want to be on a stage.

Bringing Encore Together

We offer all of our Kindy Kids families to come along to our concerts to support all of our families, staff and most importantly our students. Our Kindy Kids love to see the big kids dance and to be inspired. Our concerts bring every single encore member together as we are #encorefamily.

"Young children need opportunities to practice feeling wonder to develop curious minds"

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