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Copy of 5 Secrets to Kindy Kids SUCCESS - #3 Unique Programming

Our Kindy Kids programme is unique and developed for by an Early years specialist and qualified dance teacher Miss Emily.. The 3 reasons this is beneficial are;

Development Milestones

Our programme is developed with the EYLF in mind so our dance themes support their learning milestones for life.

Learning their dance skills through development

Children have so much fun in our classes and their imagination is sparked during our themes. However they're still learning all of the required dance skills for their age group sometimes without realising.

Positive Environment

Having such a fun programme creates a fun, secure environment for children to feel comfortable in our classes. This also allows for a smooth transition between our Kindy Kids classes into our home studio Encore classes.

'The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don't tell you what to see'

Are you ready for the other 4 secrets to Kindy Kids SUCCESS? Download the Ebook by Sunshine Coast's best dance studio #encorefamily below!

Kindy Kids 5 secrets book
Download PDF • 80.48MB

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